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Major Wright is the leader of the "Dirty Dozen" for the Saint-Michel mission and the Orient Express mission.

The Deadly MissionEdit

Major Wright is first seen in Italy fighting alongside Italian partisans in a town near Turin. While the partisans battle the occupying German soldiers in the streets, Major Wright enters a bordello in search of Benito Mussolini. However, after shooting up a closet only to find a dead German officer, Wright is informed by one of the women that 'Il Duce' had already left town. Disappointed, Major Wright opens the window to the sound of the victorious partisans and lifts a glass of brandy to "Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Spencer Churchill."

Back in England, Major Wright is summoned to the U.S. Army Headquarters by General Worden, and is informed that the Germans appear to have the capability to send long-range missiles filled with deadly nerve gas to America. General Worden then orders Major Wright to "find another dirty dozen" and take them deep into occupied France to the monastery at Saint-Michel, where six captured scientists are being forced by the Nazis under the direction of the SS Colonel Krieger to produce the deadly gas, and destroy the containers of nerve gas and rescue the scientists.

The Fatal MissionEdit

After the Fatal Mission, Wright is shipped Stateside because he is wounded. Major General Worth than recruits the imprisoned Private Dan Danko to create a new "Dirty Dozen" and gives him the rank of Second Lieutenant.


  • Asiatic–Pacific Campaign Medal
  • European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, with Battle Star
  • American Campaign Medal
  • American Defense Service Medal
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Silver Star Medal