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The Dirty Dozen is a 1967 war film directed by Robert Aldrich released by MGM. and starring Lee Marvin. The picture was filmed in England and features an ensemble supporting cast including Ernest Borgnine, Richard Jaeckle, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, John Cassavetes, Telly Savalas, Robert Webber, and Donald Sutherland, the film is based on E.M Nathanson's novel of the same name that was inspired by a real life group called the Filthy Thirteen, In 2001 this film instituted place the film number 65 of their 100 years... 100 Thrills list.


The story begins at Marston-Tyne Military Prison the US.ARMY's E.T.O where numerous of criminal prisoners whom are charged of rapist, murder, or dangerous like syndicate or so are being sentenced to death by hanging, 20-30-40 or more years hard labour or imprisonment as such, a car arrives at the prison, but in the prison numerous of Prisoners are arguing over at the prison guards over a soldier whom was charged over escaping, Private Arthur James Gardner (George Roubicek) is sentenced to death by hanging, however before being hanged to death witnessed by Major John Reisman (Lee Marvin) and officers and the guards, Gardner is placed with a blanket over his head as he doesn't want to see mercy, Gardner is charged of crime and murder, while a preacher is making his death praise the prison sergeant hangs Gardner to death by rope, as Reisman leaves prisoners enraged for the death of Gardner want revenge against him, quoting "Enjoy the show Major" against the death of Gardner himself,

Meanwhile in London in 1944 as Allied forces are preparing for the D-Day invasion at allied headquarters, he meets his friend Major Max Armbruster (George Kennedy). Arbruster informs Reisman about a serious note meaning he has to cooperate as he takes him to the OSS Officer Regular Army Major General Sam Worden (Ernest Borgnine) and his former commander Colonel Everett Dasher Breed (Robert Ryan) the meeting goes on as both Armbuster, and Reisman sit both down for a meeting, as Worden asks if Reisman thought about the hanging or Gardner, he thinks it is efficient but he is not an expert, but explains wasn't the nicest way to spend his evening, hoping the death of Gardner was aware of that, Brigadier General Denton (Robert Webber) asks the major about he came to resin, however Worden tells about his service record and stuff, and is very short on discipline, mentioning his last record in the Battle of Italy as well, though Reisman doesn't agree, Worden however doesn't agree to this and about his private gratification as well, as such as Reisman was waiting for a transfer for two months, however as Worden explains he has orders now about Behind-the-lines, as Reisman's job to wear a uniform and kill the enemy, as he tells General Denton is to read the orders that came to intelligence, is like, "Project Amnesty, you will select 12 prisoners sentenced to death... ...or long-term imprisonment for murder, rape, robbery or other violent crimes, Train these prisoners in as much of the behind-the-lines operations... they can absorb in a brief but unspecified time. You'll then deliver them secretly to Europe and prior to the invasion... ...attack and destroy the target specified: Overleaf." however this doesn't concern Reisman over Denton neither, as Reisman has to agree Denton has not choice that Reisman should follow these orders as Reisman asks why he is offered the mission, as Reisman volunteers as Worden agrees to his statement of the training of 12 prisoners, as however Armbruster tells the Major that the Germans are using a large chateau near Rennes in Brittany... as a rest center for conference place for general staff officers as tells that they would have to drop by parachute to kill as many officers as possible, the rules are if any breech of security the prisoners go right back where they went from the prison,

As Reisman drives to the prison, he sees the prisoners as however he gives his report to Sergeant Clyde Bowren (Richard Jaeckle) the report, as the prisoners both watch, as Reisman is introduced to Bowren, all both the 12 prisoners fall in, and starting with the first prisoner, Victor R. Franko (John Cassavetes) sentenced to death by hanging, former member of the Chicago organized-crime Syndicate whom has extreme problems with authority, Milo Vladek (Tom Busby) sentenced Thirty years' hard labor. Robert T. Jefferson. (Jim Brown) an African American solider convicted of killing a man in self defense, and sentenced to death by hanging, Vernon L. Pinkley (Donald Sutherland) sentenced to Thirty years' imprisonment and a slow-witted homosexual, Glenn S. Gilpin (Ben Carruthers) sentenced to Thirty years' hard labor, Samson Posey (Clint Walker) sentenced to death by hanging, and a nice gentle giant who becomes enraged when pushed, Joseph T. Wladislaw (Charles Bronson) sentenced to death by hanging, a taciturn coal miner recruited for his ability to speak German, convict of shooting his squads medic, Seth K. Sawyer (Colin Maitland) sentenced to Twenty years' hard labor, Roscoe Lever (Stuart Cooper) is sentenced to Twenty years' imprisonment, Tassos. R. Bravos. (Al Mancini) sentenced to Twenty year' hard labor, Pedro Jiminez (Trini Lopez) and the last one Archer. J. Maggott (Telly Savalas) a misogynist religious fanatic and probably insane, rapped and murdered a girl, sentenced to death by hanging, after that Reisman orders Bowren to get them into according to height, which they are ordered to, then as Major Reisman has Bowren to count them off, Posey, as one, Pinkley as two, Jefferson as three, Gilpin as four, Lever as five, Vladek as six, Sawyer as seven, Maggott as eight, Wladislaw as Nine, Jiminez as ten, Franko as eleven, and Bravos as twelfth, Reisman gets Bowren to given them orders, all of them but one Franko refused to do orders due to his incompetence and disobedience, which the men return back to Franko due to his disobedience of following the march and orders, Franko claims he has a pain to trick the Major as he doesn't like Reisman, however as everyone laughs because of him being a clown to the Major saying he doesn't march because he isn't with the army, saying the Condemned men don't have a drill, as Reisman asks his name, he jokes again saying Eleven, but Bowren tells the Major it is Franko, as Reisman however gets him over he tells him off for disobedience against the military regulations and over the Major, this means if he doesn't then could blow his brains out, but a fight ensures as Franko tries to attack the Major but as Reisman defends himself is forced to hit Franko with his foot due to his disobedience, as Bowren witnessed it that he had to defend himself, with Franko taken back to his cell, the rest of the Prisoners follow orders now,

Later on as prisoner after prisoner is visited both Reisman, Bowren, and Military Police Corporal Carl Morgan (Robert Phillips) visit Franko in his cell. however Franko is unimpressed to see Reisman whom hit his jaw. Reisman also tells if he is going to have to act tough then should he take care of himself. as Franko explains about his worries of a jaw and his pain bothers the Major. he mentions about his crime and once a Crime-Syndicate henchmen, however this interests Franko, his story is told that he hit London and struck and killed an old man for money, meaning he had 2 pounds and ten shillings almost ten dollars money the only was ten bucks in American money that was or is, however Franko doesn't trust the Major to why he did hit his jaw. he decides to get him off the hook and however Franko laughs because he says Major Reisman isn't a General but only a General could grant his reprieved, however Reisman offers him the choice to join a team which almost does he decline but the only way out of this, before the Major leaves Franko however does after all want to go but decides to follow his advice but as the Major leaves his cell Franko however evilly laughs not actual to get out be a criminal again but suggests if he does it he never know who Victor Franko is or was.

Later he visits Wladislaw whom is interested by his speaking German, however mentions by Wladislaw his old man was a coal miner in Silesia meaning if he never spoke German and he didn't dig coal he didn't eat, but to him tells him how tough it was in those days for his old man, however his crime was involved dislikes to Officers, and is convicted of shooting the squads Medic in the very first place, and Wladislaw once went for trails as an officer but never worked out around three days, as he tells Wladislaw about the hill, which he killed the squads Medic which was a military crime in the first place, but Reisman reassures him everyone makes mistakes from time to time,

Next visits Maggott whom however is a religious maniac and convicted of raping and killing a woman, meanwhile as Morgan says a racial comment if he eats would eat with the white folks but scares him with a guerilla scare at Corporal Morgan, but in the cell that Maggott hears it he laughs out loud over at Jefferson whom scared Morgan in his evil laughs, as Reisman is impressed over Maggott. as well laughing in the face of death, but Maggott swears he will never ever be hanged as he claims to never rape an evil slut, or other creatures. as he speaks trash talk about the Lord gave him that woman and told him to chastise her, as it was told to beat her to death, since Maggott says he is always called on what me must do, if you never get him his way that is, and as he mentions he is in a state of grace, and the woman soiled his spirit's, Reisman however ensures him a quotation that was mentioned as, "Vengance is mine. I will repay, sayeth the Lord. Paul of the Romans, Chapter 12." as he chuckles about it, as it is meant that he leaves punishment of the transgressors to his hands, as it is right by Maggott since he read the bible about it, but says he still will do what is called upon to do, however Reisman reassures to Maggott he won't hang after all meaning he might actually admire him more than anyone meaning he does care and worry about Maggott's future that lies within his grasp, he also reassures him Southern boys must stick together, Maggott isn't shore if he knows he could trust the Major and maybe he could be right if he where to die a soldier,

He next visits Posey, as Posey states he never meant to kill him, Posey however is a nice man but gets enraged when pushed, as Reisman however understands his sorro actions but however tells him he will do as he says but perhaps maybe won't hang Posey, as could it fixing it to kill him some other way, but may not come to that, as he reassures if the folks be happier if he dies like a solider and he agrees to trust the Major since he is a very kind man, meanwhile outside the cell Morgan is talking to a friend a young military police private about the Major talking with prisoners to his complement, however Bowren ensures him that he will eventually find something useful for him, but tells him and the young recruit to move it back on guard duty,

Later visits a African-American named Jefferson, whom however does unfortunately feel not in moods to talk about his past but does so anyways, as a result tired to castrate Jefferson and killed a man in self defense as the court didn't agree on black people at the time, since the white race it was at the time of the second world war but all whites and black have to fight the Germans, but he thinks that he is in a old civil war in the Northern verse Southerners back then as he tells the Major that it is him war not Jefferson's, since the Krouts are the real enemy not the whites, since Hitler hated Blacks, Jews, Gypsies, and people with disability's as well, however Jefferson admires Reisman and that he is a nice man, as he offers him a alternative to fight for himself if he wants, and by March 25th he has a date with the hangman, and about six days from now before his scheduled execution and date of hang,

Before he carries on, Jiminez in his cell feels happy to see Major Reisman and however admires him, as his trial was something out of the question and is concerned that they don't allow him to have strings for his guitar, Reisman asks Bowren if he lost a man and hung himself with a guitar string, but reassures him he never did and will not about to, and when Jiminez makes the trip he gets the strings,

meanwhile in the training room, Wladislaw is beating a pouching bag, as everyone is called to attention, Wladislaw does a last pouch at the bag, everyone gets seated, as all guards are both outside, Reisman speaks to the twelve men, as they have volunteered for a mission gives them three ways to go, foul up in training or shipped back for execution of sentence, or foul up in combat, or should do as they're told, as the rule is never escape, no excuses or appeal, any breach of them conditions by one of them, all be shipped back to immediate execution of sentence and considered dependent upon each other. and anyone tries anything smart could the 12 get it right in the head, he asks anyone if they're any questions, Maggott says a racist word "Do we eat with Niggers" a racist word that was offensive against the race of blacks, this starts a fight against Maggott and Jefferson, as Reisman leaves the room tells Bowren about the south why it is,

Later on as all prisoners are heading to their new home base, they set out in a convoy, Reisman rides with Jefferson and a guard, Bowren with Franko, as the convoy goes into the territory, as everyone arrives in a field, Reisman gets his men to fall in, all twelve fall in, Reisman tells the men it will be the new home until further notice, and will be built by them and the construction won't interfere with their training, as they sooner they get it up and they would be sleeping out of the rain, he places Sergeant Bowren and also Posey second in charge with the construction, while as Pinkley and Bravos are doing the job of placing something in, Posey arrives, to give them a shovel to dig the fence pole for the ground, work commences on the site, and while placing however the first wall in, Pinkley dumbly however fiddles with a hammer and nail as Posey is holding it, Bravos is sawing with Posey giving the helping hands, while installing the fence in, Lever on top however and Posey gives the wire fence in, and one incident Pinkley is painting but overpaints over Bravos's hand, they get the watch tower in place, the first finished, Franko however using wire cutters making the fence, sneaks his wire cutters in his jacket, and once incident if this place would be on fire it'd burn to the ground, however one other incident as Maggott bangs his door at the ladder with Pinkley on it, he enraged over it says, "Hey, Maggott, what are you? German?" being offensive and angry since he was in wrong place wrong time, Pinkley nearly looses his grip, as Reisman gets Bowren to order the twelve prisoners to fall in, as Reisman tells it be all, but Franko complains that how they have all comforts and the twelve didn't, and Reisman tells him the prisoners quarters may not be ready, and is simple, as they are not yet ready to occupy that hut, with the degree of comfort, and after the work it is now chow time, Bowren dismisses his men,

Later during the training course, Bravos however teases and upsets people on failing, however though and Franko as well, later into the night they are listening to news, however though Franko orders Pinkley to give him a cup of coffee, as everyone gets to sleep, however Franko has a word with Pinkley, saying he is very intelligent, asking if he loves it here, he says "No" he tells him if he is staying, and to that Pinkley tells Franko has no where else to go since it is Reisman's rules, Bravos asks Wladislaw something which he replies the song is about a very lonely girl who is sick and tired of war and being left alone, Maggott hiding under his blankets tells to shut the slit quiet. since he hates women and whores, however after Bowren tells them off for the music, though Franko says they're creeps he makes a foolish idea and because of his ignorance sneaks his wire cutters, Pinkley asks where he is going he says to the can, (really was a lie) Pinkley asks if he should go with him but escapes his hut with the remaining eleven prisoners, Franko however does so and in the hut, both Jefferson and Wladislaw attempt to stop Franko, in the hut, Bravos wakes Posey and tells him that they're after Franko whom is really escaping, at the fence as Franko is attempting to escape, Jefferson and Wladislaw sneak up on Franko, as Wladislaw however tells why he would get everyone hung, Franko with his trash talk however though as he says he never believes Reisman bit how he could betray such a team that was being nice to him, Wlasislaw and Jefferson beat up Franko, he tells him about Uncle Tom week, saying he comes home they're free, they both beat up Franko for what his betrayals are against Reisman maybe for what he did at Prison and what they did to a prisoner Arthur James Gardner himself, and he shouts to them and however states in his anger due to hatred against Reisman stating "If we go on that mission, we all get killed. That's what they want!" however Wladislaw slaps his face and for what he said, then as Franko attempts to flee to another way out of the camp, is stopped by Posey whom blocks his way where Jefferson beats him in the stomach, making Franko feel pain and feel so weak, Reisman whom witnessed the whole thing understands why to which Franko is afraid of him and understanding it, both Posey and Jefferson return Franko to his quarters or maybe the brig, as Reisman asks Wladislaw he slipped on a bar of soap, as Wladislaw agrees to that,

The next morning as Jiminez becomes stuck and cannot make it, due to his fear of heights, as Reisman shouts his orders and get tired over his fear and cannot do it, Reisman realizes it is the last straw and shoots the rope which makes Jiminez do it in the end, as he shoots Bowren's M3 'Grease Gun' at the rope, Jiminez does it and states to Jiminez if he didn't could be some coward, he prays in his fear, as they soon order Posey to get another rope, however Franko says that the Mayonnaise was the only one supposed to get on top of that chateau, states if he is killed before gets to the top of that chateau, he orders Franko to be next, next In training is a combat knife bayonet, he asks which would like to stick it in the major, Franko volunteers to do so because of his dislike over the Major, instead he chooses Posey whom is afraid to kill his Officer and scared to do so, because he doesn't like to use a knife like he did in his past when he stabbed a man in the jaw, however the Major taunts Posey by interrogating his actions again and forcing everyone to watch with interest, however though some of them laugh but Posey says he hit him once, as Posey never meant to kill him, but Major Reisman still taunts Posey and by pushing him however tries to get him to do it, however some prisoners feel worried about Posey, he shoves Posey which causes him to get enraged, Franko, Sawyer, Lever, Maggott, Vladek, Gilpin, get him to order him to stick the Major, but as Posey is about to attack the Major, both only Pinkley, Jiminez, Jefferson, Wladislaw, and Bravos the only prisoners feel worried for Posey and also Sergeant Bowren is feeling worried that the Major is taunting Posey to do it, if he could get his rifle and get Reisman to stop but cannot since he is following orders but witnesses it and cannot bear to watch like most of the guards are including Corporal Morgan, Posey gets enraged and is about to stick the Major with it but gets him onto the ground, as Pinkley watches feels worried, the Major pretends to stick Posey to show he isn't a threat and what he was only trying to help him do if an enemy ever attacked him, Posey however calms down and however understands now what it is about, he asks him if he is ok, he gets Posey up and helps him out, Reisman explains that he needs to take good care of his temper someday, as Captain Stuart Kinder, (Ralph Meeker) a nice Captain whom helps anyone out with there past issues, can always help anyone, as he is going to help Posey out, as Posey goes to see Kinder, Reisman chooses another volunteer,

Then however as Posey is feeling better now, Maggott is next to see Kinder, as however Reisman explains to Bowren they're doing very well, as Posey explains to Reisman that he can teach him good letters as his folks back at home be proud of he could write, as Posey joins them in training, Maggott however meanwhile inside tells Kinder about his insight into women and other don't have, and that sometimes he does what is called upon to do, as Kinder tells him if women are his special province why does he hate Major Reisman so much, as he explains to Kinder, that he has eleven evil men out their with his trash talk and be punished for their wickedness as Major Reisman he just snatched them up. from the brink of the pit, and he cheated the master of his vengeance. as Kinder tells him if that is what God wants, to punish these men, and tells him he will and Reisman too. later on that night, Kinder however talks with Reisman that the other results the most twisted anti-social bunch of psychopathic deformities, and perhaps all except some of them, and however the dangerous of Maggott. as he fears for Maggott's future. where he is a religious maniac, one malignant dwarf and two near-idiots. but not for the rest he never decides to think about, as each men has a built-in resentment against any kind of authority, as Kinder explains the U.S Army is their enemy not the Germans, as however Kinder explains that the twelve are the main enemy so is the army and when time comes be the number one target, as such the twelve should function as a team, and have one at a time guard duty will help, as he wants to find an weed out of the real morons even Maggott. as Reisman explains he never picked them the army did so, and means they have to agree Maggott will be part on the team if he becomes a good soldier could it change his life, as both Reisman and Kinder drink whisky,

The next morning Franko and Bravos however are playing throw the opponent to the ground in training as Bravos unfortunate doesn't agree with Franko but is forced to by throwing him to the ground, as Reisman tells him that he would or end up in wheelchair, however Posey tells Franko that he shouldn't be rough with Bravos, later on now Wladislaw however Is talking to Kinder, as he is going to say one word and he come back at him. for instance if he was to say, "Happiness" he might say, "Children" but Wladislaw tells Kinder he never says that, as it was an example, if he said "Ambition" would say, Wladislaw never would say it, as he says "Weapon", Wladislaw says, "Baseball", "Knife", Wladislaw says, "Dodgers" and, "Officer" as Wladislaw says, "Pitcher" as Kinder asks he seems to be thinking about just one thing, Kinder advises Wladislaw to concentrate. "Food" as Wladislaw says, "Cincinnati" comfort "Chicago" said by Wladislaw, as Kinder asks why is it what he thinks about but to that Wladislaw says it is what he's thinking about, Kinder agrees,

next morning as everyone is doing ablutions outside, after Corporal Morgan gives them cold water, Franko gets angry and looses his attitude against Bowren and his Military Police, how should he shave in cold water, but Jiminez however asks why, as he orders both Jiminez and Franko to button their mouths, everyone now complains, but in the office as Reisman is listening to the noise outside, still Franko gets angry but as Bowren goes to see Reisman, however Jefferson and Wladislaw begin to understand that Franko is right, both Bowren, Reisman and Kinder go to see what is the problems, they are all fallen in, as Reisman explains what it is about refusing to shave, as Franko breaks silence he says "we" rather then "I", and those refuse take a step forward. as Maggott takes his last step to follow orders, now those refusing to shave, the orders are now, "No further issue of shaving equipment, or the use of soap, and no more hot meals, just K. rations. courtesy of Mr. Franko due to his incompetence, and ignorance. as however Kinder says they might have something, and the navy calling them "mutiny" and working individuality with 12 rugged individualists as he asked them to step forward did Posey, but how much does Reisman love and admire Franko. outside Bowren gives the name to the twelve prisoners, The Dirty Dozen that they are former criminals,

later another morning Reisman tells them they are still the dirtiest soldiers ever, that they are getting filthier everyday and their training is close and almost over, and sooner they will learn how to parachute. and will learn it quick. and will take place at a regular army base and to remind them this operation is top secret to the war effort. they won't be wearing dog tags. not say anything to anyone. one word one slip from anyone the deal is off. they also know what it means, and they are soon given hot chow. as both Reisman and Kinder talk, Kinder tells him that Colonel Breed however won't like the secrecy bit he'll want to know. and is afraid something will happen and will know, and on Tuesday be arriving at the army base for training. as Pinkley asks Franko what the chow even is, but says he claims to stepped in it a couple of times,

Meanwhile Colonel Breed is awaiting for the so called Dozen, however he suggests General Denton would have been the best choice but however one of his officers tells Breed that his extension was too busy, as the band plays they are not yet ready, as he asks someone about a general but again the band again now yet ready plays, meanwhile in a jeep Private Jiminez is driving the Major to the airfield, meanwhile as a MP Guard sounds the Colonel he gets the message and the band is ready, in the Jeep, Jiminez tells Reisman that they're running a party, as it comes into the airfield, the Dozen embark from the truck, so does Jiminez from the jeep, as however Breed asks where the General is, however Reisman tells Breed that he is traveling incognito, however meanwhile in the truck, the Dozen does complain but as Reisman arrives he asks which one of the Dozen wants to be a general, he chooses Pinkley, however whom is unwillingly wanting to be a General, as Pinkley does feel scared to play a general he is forced to follow his orders, as all the Dozen embarks from the truck, Pinkley is acting a General because they don't even have one, all of the Dozen get in line, but witness Pinkley playing General, everyone laughs because he is a lowest ranking member not a high senior member, as the orders are given Pinkley does the First Platoon inspection, he admires the men, he asks a soldier where he is from, the soldier says he is from Madison City Missouri, Pinkley says he never heard about it, as however he thanks the Colonel and as Major Reisman heads back to the team, the Dozen laugh, but Breed witnesses thinking he might have been tricked, however Reisman says to Pinkley if he ever pulled a stunt like that again he would beat his brains out, which makes Pinkley behave at once, the soldiers are ordered to move out into columns of twos, Bowren orders them to move out, when Breed realizes this, Reisman then goes to apologize to Colonel Breed who doesn't regret it, and however tells Reisman he is a disorganized undisciplined clown as he will make it his business to run him out of this army, but tells him that he thought he was a cold unimaginative tight-lipped officer, realizing it, he wants now to find what the Dozen are both up to, he orders both his loyal men Staff Sergeant's Clayton and Blake, about to ask one of the men to find out what they're hiding what they're mission is,

Later on as both Franko, Bravos, and Gilpin together head to the truck under the orders by Bowren they do not realize neither does Bowren know that Clayton and Blake are going to attack Wladislaw and beat him to death, after Wladislaw takes a leak in the toilets, is about to depart to the truck, but it stopped by Clayton and Blake, as he asks he is in the way, but however Clayton and Blake interrogate Wladislaw and push and beat him up, but by interrogating Wladislaw they ask him and question him, but however Wladislaw knows what they are doing he attacks Blake and Clayton strikes Wladislaw as well, Blake holds him, however they beat his stomach up, they ask whom he is, but realizing he is speaking trash saying his name is "Number Nine" he tells them to go to hell but tells where his dog tags are, he lies again by saying his number is "Nine", but to the rescue does Posey and Jefferson save their best mate from interrogation by Clayton and Blake, however Blake hits Posey to the head for his strike but hits his helmet damaging his hand, Posey hits Blake and Jefferson rage bulls Claytoninto the toilet, and manage to get Wladislaw out of there before both Clayton and Blake wake up, Jefferson asks what happened, Wladislaw tells both Jefferson and Posey they tried to make him talk, then as Bowren sees what happened, he asks where they have been but Jefferson tells him he slipped on a bar of soap, but Pinkley however says it is miserable, as Jefferson explains to the others about him and why they attacked Wladislaw, they asked if they told them anything but Franko suggests he would rather trust Adolf Hitler instead and not Reisman, as Reisman orders them to move out which they do so,

Later in the sky on a Douglas DC-3, Bowren looks over at the Dozen, then as Reisman however looks at Maggott and tells him and the rest they would find it a lot easier than our jump-tower, a man however tells them to get ready for they're action stations, as the light changes from red to green, he orders them to go, Reisman jumps first followed by Maggott, then by Posey, Jefferson, and Bravos, as well and as the rest of the Dozen jump they have now completed they're jump training school,

Later back at they're compound, Jiminez is singing with his guitar and however making music, but Maggott is placed under guard duty in the tower, as Reisman enters out of his office, he talks to Morgan and however orders the men to get together, and tells they would use the MP's hut, Morgan orders every Dozen member all except Maggott in the guard tower, Reisman tells Jiminez if he needs a special invitation but he agrees, as all of the members gather up, they entre the hut and see it is lovely inside, Maggott sees jealousy, then as Maggott gets the answer why a truck is arriving, and meanwhile inside, Reisman tells the rest of the Dozen they have done very well, and a little graduation ball is needed, up above the tower, Maggott sees his anger rising and sees in his mind that the Major is making a very big mistake sending women to the compound, realizing the truth what the Major has done, all of the girls Maggott witnesses are whores, and he begins to say "You sadists!" as he sees his hatred against women as the women go inside see the Dozen they however see them all filthy, and says only could get eight, however Bowren says good evening to them one mistakes his rank to Admiral but not a sergeant, as Reisman orders the men to be on duty by 0600 hours, however saying Maggott would not care to indulge and would save some whisky for him, one women calls Major Reisman a colonel by mistake, outside Kinder realizes Reisman is crazy, as he wants to bet, an enraged Maggott is angry and tells Major Reisman and Captain Kinder that he saw those filthy strumpets and is turning it into a place of bottomless pit of vice and comes judgment day and swears to tell the Major that someday his time comes "Judgment Day!" and tells that they're suffering eternal damnation because of Reisman, however Reisman says he doesn't care about it and orders him to stay on his guard duty, meanwhile inside, Franko however talks to a girl whom tells if she cares to dance, but tells him they're is no music but he decides to hum for her, while does the rest of the Dozen become acquainted by the girls, all excluding Maggott, one of them Pinkley gets turned on and feeling shy as well, the rest like them but Posey does feel nervous, however outside, Kinder tells Reisman would they realize tomorrow's mothers day as the music plays, the rest of the Dozen feel they're in heaven with girls,

Next morning Colonel Breed and his lance of his 101st Airborne Soldiers have come to the Dozen's compound this because of them breaking a military law as such due to them being in a drunken party and with whores as pre military regulations are after Major Reisman and that he is under arrest, a delightful Corporal Morgan tells Breed it is restricted but he knows it, he has with him Master Sergeant Gill Fredericks (Ken Wayne) and the same men whom bet up Wladislaw, Staff Sergeants Clayton and Blake, and many other soldiers, both Michael Horrigan (Romo Gorrara) Bradley Lane (Eric Kent) and other soldiers, Morgan is ordered to open the gate, however while he enters, Bowren however tells Breed he cannot come in here, however Fredericks takes Bowren's weapon, however he tells Breed he is contravening a direct order, however orders the rest of the Dozen to fall in, as they do Posey sees the same soldiers Clayton and Blake whom attacked Wladislaw, and tells him whom they where, and then they knew they had Reisman al wrong, as Fredericks orders Wladislaw to get into his line, meanwhile at the gate, a MP guard however tells Reisman what happened, but tells him they shouldn't have let anyone pass, Jefferson passes the words to all the Dozen's members, first to Gilpin, Lever, Vladek, Sawyer, Maggott, and before he is about to he sees Wladislaw as well, Reisman however stopped his jeep and then however sneaks his way to the compound without being seen, however as Breed tells them the officer in his command of the operation has disregarded his orders or flagrantly disobeying them, he tells every men to understand each other, as Breed wants to know what it is all about and before they leave they need to know whom is involved in this insanity, and he tells if anyone understands, he sees Pinkley the man whom tricked him to being a General in disguise, Breed comes over and talks to Pinkley asking him what his name rank and serial number is, Franko shouts Pinkley that if he tells him all everyone is had it, Breed shuts up Franko, as Pinkley lies his name is "Number Two", everyone laughs he orders Morgan and Clayton to get over, he orders Clayton under his forced orders to give Pinkley his rank and serial number, and for all of them, Morgan claims he doesn't know it, he tells them what they do know but in line Franko sees what will happen shouts again and panics, Breed angered by Franko's ignorance, orders him to come here, Breed goes over to him he learns about him and tells him when he ether bathed last, and angered over his incompetence he says Franko is filthy and is a disgrace to the uniform, he orders Fredericks to get him a razor with water, as Franko now should demonstrate the proper procedure for shaving and bathing in the field, but despite Franko's ignorance, he says he won't do it, and he will never shave, then he orders a the hard way, Clayton and Blake will dry shave Franko and hurt him as due to Franko's disobedience, Jefferson and Wladislaw, Posey, attack Clayton and Blake. as machine gun fire rages from a 'Grease Gun' fired by Reisman, Breed witnesses is it, due to his surprise and the rest of the soldiers Reisman yells what he did to the army and orders the men to dispose of the weapons, he orders Sergeant Bowren to get some special help and get those weapons, Bowren follows orders, the remaining Dozen attack the men, and take weapons and beat some of them up, Breed realizing Reisman's actions won't save him he is still later court marshalled in big trouble and that is soon on his or its way coming for Reisman, the Dozen never care about Breed and feel very pleased with themselves, and they end up teasing and taking the piss out of Breed and his men,

Later trouble emerges and it's worse, Reisman is in big trouble, a meeting with Worden, Denton, Breed, and Armbruster and many staff are talking to Reisman and tells him that he was never in favor of Reisman leading the operation and is disappointed of his performance, as his impression he made on Denton was unfavorable in the first place, and tells him why, and what happens to him is something to which he is indifferent and as the nature of the operation is not, as it is revealed Breed's report on his unit and it's level of achievement and general behavior at the parachute training school is entirely negative, as it would itself justify my recommendation and the operation be canceled, and orders the sad news all the Dozen be taken back to prison for execution of sentence, Armbruster is sad to here this with Reisman and feels sorry, as should disciplinary action should be taken against him as a matter fro General Worden, as he takes it he doesn't deny that his responsibility for the fact that on the night of April 14-15th a military establishment of the U.S Army was a scene of a drunken party which seven female civilians took an active part breaking military rules, which explains why Colonel Breed had to stop them, as Reisman resumes them they did so, as Worden calls in his sergeant, Bruce Vargas (Alan Gibbs) to bring Warden more ice for his drink, to that Reisman understands but tells him that he offered them men a chance they would get off the hook and they worked hard, and does say now that's shaping up and sorry that deal is off, but as Denton tells and resumes him tells him that only Reisman is to blame for it as responsible for the women being in camp, but he understands he broke a loved to break army regulation but does tell Denton if he gets five men killed and the rest back to prison then they would have to lock up half the U.S Army officer included even Reisman, as Armbruster sees he is sorry and as Reisman tells Denton about the effect on soldiers, and they heard about it from Colonel Breed, and it is his opinion, as Reisman have done six months doing training with his men, as many weeks, and then a choice is made to see if they're good at any war games, Worden agrees, also Armbruster stands up to Reisman and the staff saying it could be done, as they're possibly is a way as next week they have divisional maneuvers in Devonshire as Colonel Breed's outfit be part of the exercise and one of the units been assigned to divisional headquarters, so they agree to let the 12 men to act as an independent unit.

Later one sunny day in training in war games, the Dozen however in a jeep drive across the countryside and past a river through it, which all the Dozen members have now shaved and followed orders and changed they're ways of behavior, meanwhile at Red Force Divisional H.Q. Colonel Breed however asks a solider how long Charlie and Fox Companies are to support the back of the woods, and such as supplies from the 2nd Battalion, he says the G. Rogers won't like that but tells he doesn't want to hear about it, he asks how Alaric Johnson and his armor is doing, Sergeant Ajay Litch however tells Breed that they ran two minutes ago, and all armor is all to be set, meanwhile at the blues ally H.Q the Dozen arrive into blues territory, Wladislaw they're squad leader tells Franko to hold the jeep, as the blue's H.Q says, Blue Force Marshalling Area, Wladislaw tells everybody to change into blue bands to get rid of the red bands, and everyone heads into the town everyone has to smile and cheer as they pass by, as Reisman and Kinder are waiting for them, they are excited to see them shaved, however Reisman is pleased with his men but however not with being late, but tells the Private squad leader Wladislaw if he has anything they need, he asks how they got the vehicle, as Franko tells they did steal it, however Reisman wishes the Dozen good luck and they're on their own, as Reisman and Kinder at the General's H.Q. as Wladislaw the acting Squad Leader moves the team out, they are to be in two groups, meanwhile as Reisman and Kinder arrive at the Wargames Headquarters in their jeep, they meet Sergeant's Barney Nichols (Mike Reid) and Bowren, which Nichols asks Bowren if they belong to them, Reisman asks Bowren where was General Worden, as Bowren tells him that he is checking in the field, meanwhile in Worden's jeep, consisting of Captain Brogan Haskell (Thick Wilson) and Private Brie Dunn whom is Worden's jeep driver stop, he asks Haskell about it, but tells him how about this one, he says it is about it, and Haskell says he is right and he orders them to move out,

Meanwhile Major Armbruster is waiting for the Dozen to arrive, Wladislaw's team arrives, he asks where the others might be, although Wladislaw tells them 8:45 they be coming over the ridge, although Armbruster tells Wladislaw that the enemy is about to attack that ridge, meanwhile at red H.Q Breed orders the men to fire the batteries one three and four and continue at will, as the batteries start to fire, Wladislaw signals them to move, as Jefferson's team moves out, Jefferson's team barely make it and succeed in surviving, however Wladislaw holts Bravos and tells him what he was waiting for, but tells him he has no clue, and in shock tells that they where trying to kill them, he orders them to change, although Armbruster says they cannot do it since however it isn't possible to stop them, the team together continue they're journey ahead of them,

Later on the group however is to await for a jeep which Wladislaw tells Armbruster that, that they are to await Franko's team, as Armbruster tells them just close to Worden's jeep as it passes by, as it slows down everyone salutes Worden, Franko's team passes by with both Posey, Gilpin, and Maggott, however Wladislaw orders Franko he's done his part in the jeep and that however he's got his next job, however he doesn't feel like abandoning it, but though he tells he and Pinkley since they maybe friends are the only ones with good look at, as it's a risk for he and perhaps maybe Pinkley if they knew them at Breed's H.Q the problem is they be caught, Franko and Pinkley are the problem in the middle if should they be caught it be a disaster to the operation since they are victims, so Franko does listen to Wladislaw and understand this but cannot believe he is doing it, Wladislaw tells Jefferson he has until 0930 to show up with an ambulance, Wladislaw, Posey, Gilpin and Maggott bid farewell to Armbruster as they depart, he tells Maggott to hold on be careful so they don't lose him, at red H.Q one solider orders them attention, as Worden arrives with Haskell, and Dunn, both Worden and Haskell go into H.Q, and Dunn drives somewhere to park his vehicle in place, he is pleased by Breed, as he drops by to see how things are going, Haskell almost gives a light to Worden's cigarette, meanwhile both Wladislaw, Posey, Gilpin, and Maggott dump the jeep away and create a decoy by setting fire to it, having Posey a wounded man, Maggott spills fuel all over it, Wladislaw however makes him look a wounded man, Wladislaw sets off a match and blows up the jeep, at red H.Q, Worden, Breed, and Haskell hear an explosion fear the worst, as all soldiers fear that someone has had an accident, he orders his Sergeant, Guy Fischer to get someone to take a look, though however Worden is demanding to know what they're doing at that ridge, as Breed is determined it was cleared half an hour ago, at the side however Posey is now the decoy as a wounded man, however Gilpin forgets the ketchup and gives it to Posey, however though Wladislaw and Gilpin together arrive at the red H.Q, Wladislaw is about to speak, only to see General Worden, he tells them a man has been hurt bad, he calls for an ambulance, however though Sergeant Fischer and Private Gilpin go together almost ordering Wladislaw to go with him but Breed lets him stay, he tells why they have a flat tire, but correctly tells him spotting for the Field Artillery, he orders Wladislaw to come in the office H.Q, asks him what his name is, he tells him his name under alias is Private Matthew Donald. and his serial number is 726256 Battery B, 526th Field Artillery, Breed asks him what his orders where, as the orders from Captain Thornhill, though he never knew Private Donald, he tells him he was transferred, he asks where Peterson would be, but as the two jeeps arrive, Gilpin orders someone to help the soldier, they bring a fake wounded Posey into the H.Q, Wladislaw asks where to place him, they put him down there, he tells that his men can stay but to keep out of command way, Gilpin however knows his duty what he is doing, but as Worden sees it with excitement he knows they are really the Dozen but is creating a decoy since perhaps he trusts them,

Meanwhile on the road, Jefferson an acting Major however stops the ambulance, he tells both the men in that ambulance it's the end of the line for both, Army Doctor Captain, Hilary Trice (Burnell Tucker) and Medic Driver Giorgio Kamalani (Gary Files) are stopped, though Kamalani tries to resist but doesn't work as Jefferson kindly tells them not to, the men however stop both Trice and Kamalani and make them prisoners, although the Observer Major Armbruster arrives, but as Trice tells them why where red insignia but why traitors, Trice tells him he is a doctor but Jefferson says he is a Major, though Trice tries to tell him that he is trying to however help a wounded hurt man, he tells its' a permission to cross roadblocks and lines, but however Jefferson tells them it just won't work, however Trice is concerned but Armbruster tells him he is just an observer not an umpire, however though this result they handcuff both Captain Trice and Medic Kamalani to a tree, however the men however soon depart and go to help wounded Posey, however though Armbruster asks what about the prisoners but however Jefferson tells him cannot spare them, he and he Dozen embark on the mission to save Posey, the Decoy has worked even with Franko driving, leaving Trice and Kamalani to a tree, however though it isn't their end as soon they hope for rescue sooner or later, however Sawyer and Lever complain in the Ambulance that it's too fast and rickety, but Jefferson tells them sooner its over,

Back at the Reds H.Q, they however are still ordering what the blue force is to do, he tells Posey, a.k.a Bill Shinn that they called for an ambulance, he passes Maggott and Gilpin some things, and also Wladislaw tells them it's going to be ok, and however Worden is laughing because he knows it is true they are the real Dozen, however Worden leaves and tells he thanks Breed for his hospitality, Worden in the jeep lets the ambulance pass by only for Armbruster to salute the General, as both Worden, Haskell and Dunn watch, however inside though Franko and Bravos suggest to get Major Armbruster off the Ambulance, he breaks his leg in the process only for Armbruster to catch up to them, as the Ambulance approaches in fast, the Dozen attack and Wladislaw hold's Breed in a position with a knife as a prisoner, Posey of course reveals a fake wounded man, all of the staff at H.Q are now captured and blue team has won, Armbruster arrives and laughs at Colonel Breed in disgrace so does the Dozen laugh at Breed in disgrace, even Posey faked a wounded man, and as Wlaidslaw says "Major Reisman's compliments, sir." and the Dozen is still laughing at Breed and as well as Armbruster is,

Cast & Characters Edit

  • Lee Marvin as Maj. John Reisman
  • Ernest Borgnine as Maj.Gen.Sam Worden
  • Charles Bronson as Joseph (T.) Wladislaw
  • Jim Brown as Robert T. Jefferson
  • John Cassavetes as Victor R. Franko
  • Richard Jaeckel as Sgt. Clyde Bowren
  • George Kennedy as Maj.Max Armbruster
  • Trini Lopez as Pedro (J.P.) Jiminez
  • Ralph Meeker as Capt. Stuart Kinder
  • Robert Ryan as Col.Everett Dasher Breed
  • Telly Savalas as Archer J. Maggott
  • Donald Sutherland as Vernon L. Pinkley
  • Clint Walker as Samson Posey
  • Robert Webber as Brig.Gen.James Denton
  • Tom Busby as Milo Vladek
  • Ben Carruthers as Glenn (S.) Gilpin
  • Stuart Cooper as Roscoe Lever
  • Robert Phillips as Cpl.Carl Morgan - MP Guard
  • Colin Maitland as Seth K. Sawyer
  • Al Mancini as Tassos R. Bravos
  • George Roubicek as Pvt. Arthur James Gardner
  • Thick Wilson as Gen.Worden's Aide/Captain Brogan Haskell
  • Dora Reisser as German Officer's Girl
  • Lewis Alexander as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Michael Anthony as German Officer in Staff Car (uncredited)
  • Cynthia Bizeray as German Officer's Wife (uncredited)
  • Leo Britt as German General in Staff Car (uncredited)
  • Harry Brooks Jr. as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Alan Chuntz as French Stewart (uncredited)
  • Harold Coyne as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Gerry Crampton as Staff Sergeant Alistair Clayton (uncredited)
  • Hugh Elton as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Gary Files as Medic Giorgio Kamalani/Ambulance Driver (uncredited)
  • Judith Furse as Drunken General's Wife (uncredited)
  • Romo Gorrara as Michael Horrigan/Airborne Soldier (uncredited)
  • Willoughby Gray as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Patrick Halpin as German General (uncredited)
  • Alan Harris as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Gerard Heinz as Card-Playing German Officer (uncredited)
  • John G. Heller as 2nd German Sentry at Chateau (uncredited)
  • George Hilsdon as Medical Officer as Hanging (uncredited)
  • John Hollis as German Porter at Chateau (uncredited)
  • Alf Joint as German Sentry Wanting Light (uncredited)
  • Angela Kay as German Officer's Wife (uncredited)
  • Juba Kennerley as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Eric Kent as Bradley Lane/Airborne Soldier (uncredited)
  • John Ketteringham as (uncredited)
  • Hildegard Knef as (uncredited)
  • Ann Lancaster as Prostitute (uncredited)
  • Roy Lansford as Officer (uncredited)
  • Aileen Lewis as German Officer's Wife (uncredited)
  • Richard Marner as German Sentry at Chateau (uncredited)
  • Dick Miller as MP at Hanging (uncredited)
  • Lou Morgan as MP Putting Hood on Gardner (uncredited)
  • Lionel Murton as MP Lt.Col. in charge at hanging (uncredited)
  • Suzanne Owens-Duval as Prostitute (uncredited)
  • Edith Raye as German Officer's Wife (uncredited)
  • Mike Reid as Sgt.Barney Nichols/Sergeant at War Games HQ (uncredited)
  • Terry Richards as Staff Sergeant McIntosh Blake (uncredited)
  • Gordon Ruttan as MP Corporal/Desk Clerk (uncredited)
  • Frederick Schiller as Drunken General Officer (uncredited)
  • Bunny Seaman as German Officer's Wife (uncredited)
  • Michael Segal as Airborne Band Conductor (uncredited)
  • Jack Sharp as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Richard Shaw as German Officer Who Seals the Bunker (uncredited)
  • Warren Stanhope as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Michael Stayner as German Radio Operator (uncredited)
  • Emile Stemmler as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Michael Stevens as Officer at Command Post (uncredited)
  • Fred Stroud as Officer at Hanging (uncredited)
  • Elliott Sullivan as Army officer at briefing (uncredited)
  • John Tatum as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Rocky Taylor as Airborne Soldier (uncredited)
  • Burnell Tucker as Captain Hilary Trice/Army Doctor (uncredited)
  • Hedger Wallace as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Ken Wayne as Master Sergeant Gill Fredericks (uncredited)
  • Theodore Wilhelm as German Officer (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Wilkin as Sergeant at Command Post (uncredited)
  • Vicki Woolf as Prostitute (uncredited)
  • Alan Gibbs as Sergeant Bruce Vargas (uncredited)
  • Others:
    • G.Rogers
    • Alaric Johnson
    • Sergeant Ajay Litch
    • Private Brie Dunn
    • Sergeant Guy Fischer
    • Captain Thornhill
    • Peterson

Weapons in Film Edit

Allies Edit

  • M3 "Grease Gun"
  • M1 Garand
  • M1 Carbine
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • M1911A1
  • Beretta 950 Jetfire (Suppressed)
  • Browning M1919A4
  • Mk 2 hand grenade
  • 25 Pounder artillery guns

Germans: Edit

  • MP40
  • Karabiner 98k
  • Karabiner 98k Sniper
  • Walther P38
  • Luger P08
  • MG42
  • MG34
  • 40mm Bofors AA gun

Others: Edit

  • Webley & Scott Signal Pistols

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