The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission is a made-for-TV film & sequel to the original Dirty Dozen, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen & reuniting Lee Marvin,Ernest Borgnine & Richard Jaeckel 18 years after the original hit war film. Marvin returns to lead an all-new dirty dozen on a mission to assassinate an SS General played by Wolf Kahler.

Synopsis Edit

Cast & Characters Edit

  • Lee Marvin as Maj.John Reisman
  • Ernest Borgnine as Maj.Gen.Sam Worden
  • Ken Wahl as Louis "Louie" Valentine
  • Larry Wilcox as Tommy Wells
  • Sonny Landham as Sam Sixkiller
  • Richard Jaeckel as MP Sgt.Clyde Bowen
  • Wolf Kahler as Gen Sepp Dietrich
  • Gavan O'Herlihy as Conrad E. Perkins
  • Ricco Ross as Arlen Dregors
  • Stephen Hattersley as Otto Deutsch
  • Rolf Saxon as Robert E. Wright
  • Jay Benedict as Didier Le Clair
  • Michael John Paliotti as Baxley
  • Paul Herzberg as Reynolds
  • Jeff Harding as Sanders
  • Sam Douglas as Anderson
  • Russell Sommers as Gary Rosen
  • Michael Sheard as Adolf Hitler
  • Bruce Boa as US Colonel
  • John Malcolm as Field Marshal Meisterlein
  • William Morgan Sheppard as German General
  • Crispin Denys as Schmidt
  • Denis Holmes as Gen.Pierre Fontaine
  • Alan Barry as Gen.Bulldog Bardsley
  • Don Fellows as Gen.Trent Tucker
  • Billy Dean as Nazi Officer
  • Mike Kent as German Soldier
  • Charles Bodycomb as GI Harley Outrider (uncredited)
  • Derek Lyons as G.I. (uncredited)
  •  ????? as Old British Farmer in the Home Guard

Weapons in Film Edit

German: Edit

  • MP40
  • Bergmann MP35
  • Luger P08
  • Walther PPK
  • CZ 27
  • Karabiner 98k (fitted with scope & suppressor)
  • Karabiner 98k
  • Sturmgewehr 44
  • MG34
  • MG42

Allies: Edit

  • 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

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