Tassos R. Bravos
Tassos Bravos (2)
Bravos after capturing the reds.


Al Mancini




Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany


early 1910's-early 1920's


Killed in action during Operation Amnesty.

Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun' and Browning M1919A4

"What do you m-mean, boy? Them lovers were trying to kill us back there!"

-Bravos after escaping the artillery barrage

Tassos R. Bravos was a pint sized army felon who was a member of the Dirty Dozen and selected to participate in Project Amnesty. Bravos was sentenced to Twenty Years Hard Labor for an unknown crime which was never explained. He is portrayed by actor Al Mancini.


Bravos's crime is slightly unknown. Throughout the film Bravos is told to be a joker and liked laughing at Franko, however he had a small rivalry at Franko but did trust him at times, Bravos seemed friendly with Posey and a few other Dozen members. Bravos was close to Posey during training,

Later the team is named the "Dirty Dozen" after Franko refused to shave in cold water. Bravos partook in refusing, meaning that the prisoners would stay dirty. After his jump school, Bravos celebrated the team's success by taking part in a graduation ball with prostitutes that Reisman had found.

He also partook in the war games where the Dozen invaded Colonel Breed's outpost. Jefferson led him, Vladek, and Lever down a grassy hill where an artillery barrage was taking place. The four were almost killed but they had miraculously survived without injury.

On June 5th, the prisoners, Major Reisman, and Sgt. Clyde Bowren parachuted into Brittnay. Bravos and Posey held the crossroads to buy the remaining men time.

However the mission was ruined and compromised after the arrogant Felon, Maggott killed a German Officer's girl, which Jefferson had to kill Maggott as he was too dangerous to be left alive,

When the Germans soon arrived in an army to the Chateau, Posey and Bravos held off the Germans for long period of time as Reisman and the others where completing their assigned tasks. After the film's climax (the Chateau blowing up), tragedy would strike. While in the foxhole where he and Posey were he made a brave stand before Bravos took a mortal wound. He dies of his wounds as blood pools out of his mouth. Posey's fate is unknown.


  • Bravos was not a character in the novel. The character that he most likely replaced was Myron Odell, the cowardly medic.
  • Bravos was a character in the comic book adaptation printed by Dell Comics in 1967.
  • Bravos was #12.
  • Standing a little over five feet, Bravos was the shortest member of the dozen.[[Category:Dirty Dozen soldiers