Samson Posey
Samson Posey
Private Posey is thanking the Major and tells him that he will learn how to write letters to his folks back home


Clint Walker




Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany


Early 1910's Ute Indian Reservation, Utah


Unknown. Missing in Action as of 1944.

Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun'. Maschinengewehr MG34.

Private Samson Posey is a kind hearted soldier and a gentle giant of the Dirty Dozen. however though he is very friendly and a nice man among the Dozen's teammates even with Vernon L. Pinkley. Robert T. Jefferson. Joseph T. Wladislaw. Pedro Jimeniz, and Tassos R. Bravos whom he is fond of. he is portrayed by Clint Walker.


Although his crimes where he punched a man in the jaw to the brain but swears and feels sorro that he didn't mean to kill the innocent man himself since he is a kind giant himself. Posey however is chosen as one of John Reisman's main men of the Dozen himself and however the Numbuh 1 himself of the team, however though onetime Reisman tired to get him to play with a bayonet by trying to stick the Major alive, he pushed him into the fence but of course enraged shows Posey's anger since when a man pushed him into a wall and resulted him in anger that once killing the man innocently, Posey of course later learns to take good care of his temper and also learns a valuable lesson himself by Captain Stuart Kinder whom helped him out, later he also stood and right aside with Bravos whom he helped out with as well he could help anyone if they're had a bad situation at hand,

During a training war game course he faked as a wounded man in order to let the blue team win taking Colonel Everett Dasher Breed and his outpost with it himself. during the mission on the Raid at the Chateau he along with Bravos together guarding both five and seven, on the crossroads, however in the attack that followed he with Bravos managed to hold off the German Nazi armies for long as possible but in the attack costs the life of Bravos, but leaving Posey's exact fate unknown what happened afterwards.