Milo Vladek
Milo Vladek
Vladek during the mission at Rennes Brittany Chateau before massacring the captured Germans


Tom Busby




Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany


Mid 1910's-Early 1920's


Killed in Action during Operation Amnesty

Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun'.

"Alright, you Frenchies! Beat it!"

-Milo Vladek seconds before massacring the captured Germans

Milo Vladek was a prisoner that was selected to participate in Operation Amnesty. His crimes are unknown but he was sentenced to 30 years hard labor possibly for robbery or rape. He was portrayed by small time Canadian actor Tom Busby.


Vladek's crime is slightly unknown. Throughout the film his voice was deep and his laughter was quite sinister. Due to his name, he was most likely of Russian or Czech heritage. Like some members of the dozen, Vladek displayed some sociopathic traits.

Later the team is named the "Dirty Dozen" after one of the recruits , Victor R. Franko, refused to shave in cold water. Vladek partook in refusing, meaning that the prisoners would stay dirty. After his jump school, Vladek celebrated the team's success by taking part in the graduation ball with prostitutes that Reisman had found.

He also partook in the war games where the dozen invaded Colonel Breed's outpost. Jefferson led him, Tassos R. Bravos, and Roscoe Lever down a grassy hill where an artillery barrage was taking place. The four were almost killed but they had miraculously survived without injury.

On June 5, the prisoners, Major Reisman, and Sgt. Clyde Bowren parachuted into Brittnay. Vladek, along with Robert T. Jefferson, Franko, and Archer J. Maggot, penetrated the chateau. Vladrk was paired up with Franko.

Maggott would ruin the mission after killing a German officer's girlfriend before firing at Franko. Vladek and Franko took refuge in bedroom where the two were confused. Jefferson killed Maggott so that Vladek and Franko could move along. Vladek, Jefferson, and Franko captured two German officers and many French servants. Reisman ordered him to massacre the Germans and to release the French. Vladek was very hesitant to kill the German officers, but he eventually did what he was told.

The prisoner went outside to help his fellow soldiers. Bowren was wounded while Vladek was inside the chateau, prompting Reisman to bark at Vladek to help Bowren. Unfortunately, Vladek was shot in the forehead by a German sharpshooter. Vladek was killed instantly.

Despite his death, his dog tag was collected by Wladislaw. Wladislaw showed a little emotion before he abandoned Vladek's corpse. Vladek's next of kin were informed that he had lost his life in "the line of duty".