Glenn S. Gilpin
Glenn Gilpin (2)
Gilpin stuck on a roof


Ben Carruthers




Raid at the Chateau Rennes Brittany


mid 1910's-early 1920's


Unknown. Missing in Action as of 1944.

Weapon of choice

M3 'Grease Gun'

"Gilpin's got a date?"

-Gilpin asks Reisman

Glenn Gilpin is one of the convicts of the Dirty Dozen who was selected to take part in Operation Amnesty. His crime was never mentioned but he was sentenced to thirty years' hard labour,

He is portrayed by small-time actor Ben Carruthers.


Gilpin entered a felon prisoner unit under the command of Major John Reisman. The felon seemed to be troublesome and displayed some sociopathic traits. His laughter was sinister too.

Gilpin, along with Victor R. Franko and a handful of prisoners dared Samson Posey to stick (stab) Reisman with a combat knife after he was continually taunted and shoved by the Major. Gilpin took part in this event by throwing a cigarette at Posey as he was being pushed.

Later the team is named the Dirty Dozen because of Franko's Ignorance of shaving in cold water. Gilpin graduated from jump training school and, along with the other prisoners (not including Maggott) partook in the graduation ball with prostitutes.

He also partook in the war games, he along with Wladislaw, Posey and Maggott took the Jeep and played the red team. Gilpin assisted Wladislaw to Colonel Breed, and later Gilpin and a sergeant went to help (really a faked injured Posey) to the red base. This eventually created the decoy allowing the blue team to win the game.

During Operation Amnesty, he was supposed to do the duties performed by Sawyer, but after the death of their first felon, Jiminez whom broke his neck in the jump, Gilpin's duties instead was given "Gilpin's got a date" and now Lever is performing Sawyer's work.

After however Wladislaw placed the grappling hook ontop of the roof, Gilpin climbed onto the roof, there he made his way to the Radio Tower but his foot got stuck and fell through an unstable roof. When Maggott betrayed the group and ruined the mission, Pinkley gave the signal to blow the tower up, which however Gilpin obeyed. Gilpin threw two grenades to the radio tower and ducks down from the explosion. It is implied that he had blown himself up but it's possible that he may have survived the grenade blasts.


Gilpin appears to be troublesome and sociopathic. He hardly talked and mainly smirked. Despite this, Gilpin followed his orders.


  • At first in the film, Gilpin did not have Glenn, just an S' but this was later confirmed when the name appeared in the ending credits.