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Second Lieutenant Dan Danko is the leader of the "Dirty Dozen". He enlisted at the age of 15 and saw combat in World War One. He was decorated for bravery and was given a battlefield commission the the rank of Second Lieutenant which he held for ten years.

Major Dan Danko was serving in Southern Italy, 1944, making a push against the Germans when the officer in charge of the Artillery tells his gunners to open fire on their original target, knowing full well that Danko and his men where in those positions. Danko is wounded and 80 of his battalion are killed. As he is being brought back in a medical truck he pulls a gun on the driver and orders him to take him the the officer who was in charge of the artillery. Danko berates the officers and finally attempts to strangle him to death but the officers aide saves him by knocking Danko unconscious.

Danko, now a Private, is being held in Marston Tyne military prison where he has being sentanced to life in prison. He receives a visit from Major General Worth who tells Danko about a unit they used to have made up of deadbeats just like Danko. He tells Danko that Major Wright was wounded on the "Dirty Dozens" last mission and was shipped stateside. Worth says how he could use a unit like that again and tells Danko he is just the man to command it. He then gives Danko the temporary rank of Second Lieutenant and scoffs at Danko being one at 40 years old.